Checking Into: Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile

Add: 1155 Sherbrooke Quest, Montreal Quebec, Canada
Tel: (+1) 514/285-9000
Visited: August 2016

Bonjour! I was warmly greeted as I walked into Sofitel Montreal. I felt immediately at ease as I checked into the hotel. I was excited to finally be at Sofitel Montreal, I heard so much about this hotel and was charmed from the second I stepped foot inside. After a 3 day/2 night stay, I'm a true believer of the 'Sofitel touch'. Let me try and describe what the Sofitel touch is...


The hotel is conveniently located at the heart of downtown Montreal, next to McGill University, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and walking distance to Mount Royal Park and shopping haven Sainte Catherine. There are also busses and the subway close by as well. Perfect location and very safe especially for traveling solo.

The entrance of the hotel is very elegant and the lobby is filled with a blend of minimalistic design and preserved Victorian accents from the estate of North American railroad pioneer William Cornelius Van Horne. At the reception, hotel service staff are all smiles and warmly help you with your needs. The paperless check-in system was quick and I was given my room key card shortly. 

By the elevators, I got a sneak peek at Renoir restaurant & bar and made a mental note to get a drink there later. 

Out of the 241 rooms or 17 suites, I was given a wonderful king-size suite on the 14th floor with large windows and it was a true luxury. After each day of exploring Montreal on foot, I couldn't wait to retreat back to my room. I got into the habit of putting on hotel slippers, rolling out the yoga mat and drawing myself a hot bath before sleeping on the comfiest feathertop and duvet 'SoBed'. The small details are key to Sofitel and I noticed it everywhere. There is also free complimentary wifi everywhere in the hotel which made planning my trip each day so much easier! 

Did you know that the beds, SoBed, are unique to only Sofitel hotels? Fun fact: the beds can also be found on first class Air France flights too! So for those lucky few who fly first class on Air France, you get the luxury of sleeping on these comfy beds as you fly from Sofitel to Sofitel around the globe ;) 

I really enjoyed the couch in the corner by the window, perfect for reading travel guides, enjoying a cup of coffee, or working on the blog. I also really appreciated having a desk facing the window as well, the natural lighting was refreshing. 

Sofitel Montreal's room included a minibar with snacks and a Keurig coffee machine. NOTE: all rooms are now supplied with Nespresso machines! In the closet, there are the typical slippers, laundry bag, safety deposit box, etc. 

The bathroom. Is. Everything. It is my dream bathroom! It's so big, with a shower and bath, large mirrors with forgiving lighting, a large full length mirror, and a big sink to put all my toiletries and makeup. 

Skincare products by Lanvin and extra soft, comfortable bathrobes. Sofitel Montreal encourages guests to help save water and be consciously environmental so, hang up your towels if you wish to reuse them! I LOVE that Sofitel Montreal does this, honestly, you don't need to have your towel washed everyday so do some good! 

I had so much to do in the short 3 days I was there and after being on my feet all day long, I couldn't find the will to go to the gym. But there is everything you need at SoFit Gym located on the 3rd Floor. There is even a sauna inside!

Next to the sauna, there's a water station, towels and fresh apples.

One evening, I went downstairs to Le Bar and had a drink. I decided to try a Mixologie SoFrancoise drink since they had cute Sofitel names and got the Ruby Peach Mimosa aka Sofitel Washington ($18). Every guest was also given a complimentary plate of olives, nuts and pretzels. Great service, great cozy atmosphere, and it was everything I needed for a quiet night in.

Sofitel Montreal has a nice selection of breakfast. There is the option of placing your room service breakfast the night before to have it delivered the next morning at your preferred time which I took full advantage of! I had the complimentary continental breakfast each morning which includes smoked salmon, fruit salad, hard-boiled egg, yogurt, chocolate croissant, pastries and bread, fresh juices, coffee (or tea, milk, other beverages of your choice).

In the lobby, there are lots of couches to sit in, books, magazines, and art to peruse and enjoy. There is also a computer station next to the suit shop, which made my flight check-in process a lot easier.

There was no better way to wrap up my stay than lunch at Renoir. My biggest regret is that I wish I ate at Renoir sooner! There was so much to say that I had to write a separate post with photos and review on Renoir: check it out here

Checking out from the hotel was also hassle-free and paper-free. I was able to keep my luggage at the desk while I went out shopping nearby, and when I came back, I retrieved my bag and was hailed a taxi to the airport. Every encounter I had with hotel staff made me feel at ease and welcomed. Everything from the location to the design and service was carefully thought and planned out by the hotel. Also note that Sofitel hotel's are pet friendly: you don't have to leave your pet at home or worry about finding a pet-sitter when you go on vacation. I had a great time at Sofitel Montreal and can't wait to stay again!


Read my review on Renoir Restaurant: RENOIR RESTAURANT REVIEW


Thank you to Sofitel Montreal for having me as a guest. Part of my stay was sponsored by Sofitel Montreal but as always, all opinions are my own.