Natura Brasil: Collection Fragrances

Natura Brasil is committed to using Brazilian biodiversity ingredients in their products and has recently launched their exclusive fragrance line “Collections”. Join us as we explore the exclusive Collection fragrance line and each scent through a Brazilian scent journey .


We started the morning with breakfast in Buzzfeed New York overlooking the amazing city. After satisfying our palate, we went on an olfactory adventure through the different parts of Brazil with each scent in the fragrance collection.


Jacaranda Eau De Parfum: The blue flowers of the Jacaranda tree begin to sway - as if they’re doing an elegant dance. The tall grasses appear to wave hello. The cool and tender breeze where in a feeling of freshness - a renewed spirit.

A combination of fresh and spicy, this bright earthy fragrance energizes with hints of papyrus, rose and grapefruit.


Madeira Branca Eau de Parfum: Hidden in the shade of the lush, green forest is an unexpected sea of glass. A sleek and contemporary refuge that evokes a feeling of both coolness and warmth all at once.

Madeira Branca was inspired by Brazilian architecture - strong and modern, but still immersed in nature - with hints of warm woods, spicy black pepper and calming musk.


Terra Eau de Parfum: The fiery sunset casts a soft amber glow on the surrounding sandy soil. Like a warm embrace, you can feel it lingering even after it’s gone.

With hints of soft woods, white flowers, and vanilla musk, this earthy fragrance wears like a cozy, comforting blanket.


Angelica Eau de Parfum: The sultry air is tinged with a hint of sweetness; a drum beat thumps like a pulse somewhere in the background. The purple night sky brings temptation, mystique and promise.

Angelia is the Brazilian name for tuberose, a flower known for its mysterious qualities. Combined with zesty mandarin and aquatif flowers, this alluring fragrance is dark and seductive.


Nectar Eau de Parfum: The fresh-cut grasses are still damp from the early morning dew. The succulent scent of ripe blood oranges mingles with the warm, balmy air. The sweet breath of nature clings to skin like an all-over tattoo.

Like a second skin, this soft, romantic scent envelops the body with sensual flowers, citrus, and warm amber.


Rainforest Eau de Parfum: Wet, crushed leaves cover the shady trail like a lush carpet. Cool rain seems to bounce between the ground and the tress above. The forest is alive with sound as the chirps of crickets and birds fill the balmy air.

Rainforest is both green and exotic with touches of violet, galbanum and musk.


Dom Eau de Parfum: The horse’s gallop echoes in the early morning quiet. The sun starts to peak out over the rooftop of a nearby farm house. Its rays illumintate the vast rue through the green land like a sparkling dividing line, separating creation from what has been created.

With grassy vetiver and cypress with hints of rugged leather, Dom is vibrant, green and earthy.

In love with Nectar

In love with Nectar


Thank you Natura Brasil and Chok Chok Social for inviting us.